Producer Drop Off Information

On the 'Market Day' please drop off your products at Camphill Murtle Estate between 10am and midday.

If you need to make alternative arrangements you can contact Rachel on 07964698789


The drop off point (Murtle Estate postcode: AB15 9EP) can be accessed from the North Deeside Road.   We are no longer located at Fruver but instead within the farm at the Tattie Shed.  Please follow the directions below:


Look for the white house that used to be the bookshop and turn into the main drive next to it (you will see the Deeside Food Hub sign).


Head along the drive, under the old railway line path and through the automatic white gates


Once through the gates, continue straight up the hill (do not turn right towards the farm as that is the route the students use on foot and we have been asked to use this alternative route)

Please drive slowly and be aware that students will be in the area

You will pass the workshops on your right and at the top of the hill will see a red sign.  Follow the road to the right towards Murtle Farm


You will go down the hill until you find a road to the right - it is a sharp bend back on yourself and quite narrow.  There is a handy turning space on your left to help you round the corner as it is rather tight.


Once round the tight turn, continue down the hill and we are in the shed at the bottom.

Once you have dropped off please use the same route to exit.


The Deeside Food Hub kindly requests that all producers following these rules:

  • Product must be dropped off on Market Day at a pre-agreed time slot (see above) or the hub must be notified ahead of time of any changes to this plan

  • Producers will drop off their delivery at the correct location and wait on site while delivery is fully checked and the Hub signs it off

  • Please drive slowly within the estate and watch out for students as they will be walking around

  • Anyone waiting for product check in must wait outside

  • Everyone must wear a face covering whilest on the Camphill site

  • Everyone must observe a 2m distance from the hub team and any other people nearby

  • Please inform the Hub of any ommissions or discrepancies in the order they are delivering


Thank you - we look forward to seeing you on Thursday